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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Ugly Yarn

What happens when you open your stash closet and out falls your acrylic rejects. You know...we all have them hidden....yarn that was kindly given to you years before....maybe you bought it, but the project has long passed, and the item has even been worn beyond an expiration date. Thats what happened here. We were gifted some yarn that was no longer needed and tried to rehome it. Some of the younger cooler yarns found a home, but those long in the tooth...well sadly, they ended up in my stash closet and fell out one day! And this is what I decided.......
All Yarn is beautiful! Some just need a good day of pampering..fluffed up.
Taken out of the house and for a ride....we all get housebound.

Jonathan gave all those wayward yarn piles a good pampering....and look what transformed...
All good make-overs deserve .... a photo shoot.
 Don't forget to dress them according to their colors
                                                 ...are they a spring color..
                                                                                            or Autumn?


Let them frolic among other color groups!

And look what can develop!!!  
                                                                             .....Guess who wants it now?

 So the message for the month is...crawl to the bottom of the basket, dig out those yarns...shake up your stash and get your Fiber on!

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