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Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb. 16th, 2011 Awesome Meeting!

Imagine 30 people in the The Buzz Cafe with enough enthusiasm to fill a stadium.Yup, that's our group of Fiber Frenzied Folks,  at our second meeting.
What a fun bunch of people!!! Let's do it again next week!! Twice!! =)
Our next meeting will be the same bat time and the same bat channel! Feb. 23 from 3-5 p.m. and because of a growing waiting list....we have an evening added. Feb. 24 from 4-7 p.m. THE BUZZ CAFE has great food too......Order their famous Reuben Sandwich ...grab your implements of creation (needles,hooks, loom, spindles,...well you get the point) and get busy at THE BUZZ CAFE

Both meetings will feature "Going Green Yarn Exchange" ..let's recycle that stash of beautiful yarn that you haven't touched yet. Get inspired by a new skein! Bring a skein on yarn in (about 150 yards) that you no longer admire....and one that is special enough for others to go crazy over...and lets swap! Natural fibers are preferred. For those that hand spin will swap among like minded yarn. Bring something super yummy.....I will. 
Full house......When Jerry and Susan arrived we scrambled for seats! Not to worry, we brought chairs in!
Admiring each others work!
Thank you everyone for coming and being members to the High Spirited Fiber Enthusiast Club! I will continue to update this blog and rearrange pictures. Please feel free to send me any pictures that you have taken, or current projects you would like to share!!
Now, time to get busy with those leg warmers!

Bob stopped by for a visit...welcome Bob!!!! He loved all the activity!

Introductions and Show & Tell

Laura brought her grandmothers project bag. Her grandmother used to work at a Knitting Nook in Wausau...I love it!!! Thank you Laura for sharing!!

Jerry is portable with his knitting!

Lindsey working her beautiful Alpaca!

We love to admire each other work!

Busy Bees at THE BUZZ CAFE!


  1. Great post! Love to see what knitting groups are up to.

    CR, IA

  2. Thank you Nicole......this group is already having too much fun! ;)

  3. This was such a fun afternoon! I'm so glad I got to join in on the fun. I'll definitely be making an appearance or two next week!

  4. Excellent ....I am so glad that you were there too....The yarn swap should be exciting....and I will be discussing future please pick a date for your Entrelac class. I will ask you about it on wednesday. I will assist you with it of course, but it's time you shared some of that talent. ;)