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Monday, March 7, 2011

Three Great Meetings!

The last three meetings have been full of laughter, adventure and sharing! I have so many pictures to show everyone that I had to do a slideshow. If anyone would like me to send them individual pics thru e-mail, just let me know.
Thank you Lindsey for bringing three generations of creativity to Eldridge Knitting Nook. They are now official members! What a sweet legacy you have!
And Thank you Lindsey for letting us borrow your drum carder and fleece from one of your Alpaca.  Everyone enjoyed working with the Drum Carder and the silky fleece!

I walked outside during one of the last meetings.....and when I returned I opened the door to the BUZZ CAFE and the immediate  loud laughter and talking was exhilarating.....everyone was having a great time! That's what  this is all about!

Thank you EVERYONE for being so open and welcoming to newcomers......and caring with each other. I believe this is truly a blessed group!

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