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Thursday, February 24, 2011

FEb 23rd, 2011 Meeting

FEB 23rd, 2011 

Our Fiber Enthusiast club is off to a wonderful start.....walk in newbies joined us to learn and share good company. All are welcome here!
And it was great to see familiar faces as well! We looked forward to this all week.
We participated in a yarn swap.....laughed a lot.....and ooohed and awed over each others work.

Jerry is teaching Scott how to spin, and both are doing a wonderful job!

Member Marla Claussen shared her fun dinosaur hat with us..
She created this from her own whimsical imagination! The group loved it! 
...this is just plain adorable!

Miss Effie shared her latest in a plethora of tea cozies!

New Faces are always welcome!!! Welcome Peggy's mom..beautiful blanket!!
Marla and & Kathy Claussen ~ mother/daughter teams rock!!!!

Jerry and Marsha 

Susan and Winnie ~ Welcome Winnie! We are glad to have you in our group! Winnie just learned to knit today too......and she is already creating!!!!
Sue is the HAT LADY! Cute , Cute cute!

Marsha brought her drop spindle again, it is such a beautiful spindle, I will get a pic of it next week!

Joanne working on her latest project! Such talent in a small group!

Pam & Miss Effie that the table where all the laughter is coming from?  he he
Great Meeting everyone...we will see you next week or tonight from 4-7pm...whichever you choose. Robb and Christie from the BUZZ CAFE has a special promotion for us Fiber Freaks.....(except Reuben) Any sandwich on the menu for $5.00 each ,either for the meeting ..or to take home after the meeting. ( you can get more than one for the hungry kin at home)
You know what this means , don't you! 
You don't have to go home and cook for your spouse after the can go home and keep on knitting/crocheting and spinning.
See you soon!!!!!

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